PACT Conformance Testing

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This document provides the general guidelines for conformance testing within the PACT ecosystem.

1. Context

The Partnership for Carbon Transparency (PACT) initiative is continuously evolving and bringing together organizations and industry initiatives to exchange accurate and primary data-based Product (Carbon) Footprints irrespective of geography and industry. The technical foundation for this exchange is currently the Pathfinder Framework and Technical Specifications for achieving interoperability.

If a company wants to exchange Product Footprint information in a truly interoperable way, it then either needs to implement these foundations or look for an existing solution. In both cases, companies need to be able to assess the conformance of their software and solutions.

2. PACT Conformance Testing

All information about PACT Conformance Testing can be found here.

3. PACT Conformance Test Cases (Checklist)

This checklist includes the recommendations from WBCSD to be used as a reference for Bilateral Conformance Testing.

4. Pathfinder Technical Specifications

  • Pathfinder Technical Specifications Version 1.0.1
  • Pathfinder Technical Specifications Version 2.1.0